If you’d like to join our editing staff please send your application to or An application should consist of the following:

-The area of mathematics which you would like to read for (number theory, algebra, combinatorics, history of mathematics).

-A brief resume summarizing your mathematical experience (college classes taken, papers written, math contests you’ve taken part in, books read, etc.). If you are applying for a non-mathematical position (like a proofreader, web designer, physicist, etc.) likewise summarize your experience in this position.

-A 200-word summary of why you want to become a part of this journal and why you think you are qualified.

In your application try to emphasize what you bring to the table in your application (this doesn’t necessarily have to be math related). We are not only looking for people who can understand and proofread complicated math, we also want people who can advertise the journal. We want people who can recruit professionals to help. We want people who understand physics, biology, and economics. We want people who are interested in language and grammar. We want people who can design websites. When you apply tell us what you are good at – even if this isn’t math.

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.