The deadline for submissions is October 1st and the date for the publication of our second issue is October 15th. All submissions sent in after October 1st will be considered for our second issue.


We are accept submissions of three kinds:

I. Submissions containing original mathematical work,

II. Submissions explaining an already discovered topic in mathematics in an informative and interesting way.

III. Submissions which summarize an important award/event in mathematics and submissions which review books about mathematics.

Submissions can be of any length (though submissions which are longer than 10,000 words may have a higher chance of rejection), and on any mathematical subject including but not excluded to combinatorics, recreational mathematics, number theory, analysis, mathematical physics, algebra, topology, logic, economics, sports science, physics, biology, and calculus. It is preferred that submissions be in Latex but if this is not possible please submit in any way you can.

All submissions should also include an 100-word abstract which should give a brief summary of the contents of the articles and a short (3-4 sentence) bio of the author or authors.

We accept submissions from all students 18 and under. All submissions should be sent to after which they will be reviewed by our high school and professional editors.

After submitting you will be contacted in 1-3 weeks. Our editing staff, along with deciding acceptance or rejection, will provide comments on your submission which will summarize what we liked about your submission and what we thought you could improve. We hope to be hearing from your soon.