Do Research

We at the HS Journal of Mathematics are developing this year out very first fellowship program, which gives high school age students from around the world the opportunity to do research in math or physics, under professional mathematicians and graduate students from prestigious universities.

The research will take place over a seventh month period starting on October 1st and going until May 1st. This period will consist of reading, studying, and creating mathematics and will culminate in a final research paper which will be published in the HSJOM. This paper can be submitted to science competitions such as Regeneron STS and Siemens and can be published in other math and science journals.

Applications can be submitted any time and the deadline is September 20th.

The advantages of this program are many. Firstly, it allows students to conduct
mathematical research at an advanced age and prepares them for mathematical
research which they will conduct later in life. Secondly, it allows high school students to interact with world renowned mathematicians, who will mentor them free of cost. Thirdly, research projects can greatly help with college admissions.

An application can be filled out and submitted at any time between now and
September 20th, with all decisions and pairings to be made during the month of


Your name:

Your city of residence (does not affect decision):

Your age (must be between 14 and 18 years old to apply):

Grade (must be between 9 and 12 next school year):




List all of your relevant math experiences (Articles published, blogs, contests
won, math camps, etc.):

List the three specific areas of mathematics in which you are most interested
in pursuing research:

Most advanced math courses taken (with grades, indicating where you took

Your favorite proof/theorem in mathematics and why:

Why you think you’re qualified to undertake this project (approximately 300

All of these will factor into acceptance. Note that each application will be checked thoroughly and any cases of lying or deceit will result in immediate disqualification and the notification of your school and/or parents.

It should be noted that neither gender nor race will bear any part in whether or not you’re accepted into the program, it will be strictly a merit-based program. Also note that if an applicant is not accepted into the program this year he/she should feel free to apply in future years. We may favor older students who are nearing the end of their high school career.